Lance is Cheri’s cousin and right before Cheri and I got married he moved to Texas.  He ended up buying a house here in Frisco and iws about two miles down the road from us.  Lance is such an awesome cousin and I think that Cheri and I would do anything for him.  Lance met Julie and a few months back he asked her to marry him. We are so happy that he found Julie and look forward to spending more time with them as a couple.

When Cheri first told me that we were giving them a wedding shower and that it was going to have a Hawaiian Luau my first comment to Cheri was “Let’s dig a pit in the backyard and roast a pig!”  And yes, I was serious.  My wife’s first reaction was “You are NOT digging a hole in the yard!”  then it was followed up with “Maybe we can just get you a smoker…”   Wow…  I love this woman.

We took off the next weekend and found a smoker.  By getting it early it gave me a chance to do some test cooking on the smoker to find the quarks of the unit.  We cured the smoker that weekend and on Wednesday I fired the smoker up and threw on a pork shoulder.

We used the good ole Kingsford Hickory charcoal for the heat and Apple and Pecan for the smoke and flavor.

The next morning after the shoulder had been in the smoker for around 12 hours I put on a chicken and some thin sliced round roast (for beef jerky.)  About two hours later I pulled the chicken and jerky off the smoker, and left the pork shoulder on.  I kept checking the temperature of the shoulder and just could not get it up to temperature.  I ended up putting a pile of charcoal in the smoke box (yes, there is a charcoal tray in the box) and finishing the shoulder with a bit more direct heat.

After I pulled it off the grill I pulled the meat and we served it to our life group that met that night.  It was a success and everyone enjoyed the dinner.  We were now looking forward to the next smoking session.