So it was the weekend before the wedding shower and we were getting a TON of RSVPs.  At this point we had over 30 people showing up for the shower and dinner.  I still wanted to do a test run of the smoker and we had a couple smaller pork butts in the freezer.  I pulled them out of the freezer on Wednesday so they could thaw.

On Thursday night I grabbed one of them and tossed it into a bowl with a brining solution. I had read that you could brine a pork butt just like the turkeys. I wanted to know what the difference was going to be.

I lit the smoker on Friday night and tossed on the two pork butts.  This time we used the lump charcoal and the apple wood from Bass pro.  The pecan I got while I was up in Oklahoma at my parents house. My uncle has a couple big pecan trees at his house and had pruned his tree a few months back and gave the wood to my dad.  I loaded up the trunk of the car and brought it home.

I was amazed at how different the lump charcoal is.  It retained so much more heat and burned much longer.  While it may be more expensive per pound than the Kingsford charcoal, the difference in how much you use more than makes up for it.  I don’t think I will ever go back to using Kingsford again.

We invited Phil and Karen, our life group leaders, over for dinner Saturday night so they could be our guinea pigs for the wedding shower menu. We enjoyed a great meal with the pork butts and there was SOOOO much food we could not even touch what we had made.  We ended up inviting Uncle Bill and Aunt Connie over so they could try it out.  We let them try the side dishes first and then the meat.  So far the consensus is that the brined butt was much better but this one had a bit too much salt.  We sent some of the food home with them and apparently Uncle Bill had a couple good lunches from it.

After this we had our menu set for the shower.