Well about a week and a half ago Cheri and I was making dinner and a strange thing happened.  We finished cooking indoors and went out to bring in the steaks off the grill. When we came back in the stove top was clicking like it was trying to light one of the burners.  We tried all the burner control knobs and they were all turned off.  Cheri pulled the knob from on of the burners and it sparked up and shot flame up out of the hole.

I turned the gas off and unplugged the power.  After dinner I pulled the range top apart and when I could see inside I plugged it back in.  Again sparks and flame but at least I knew exactly where it came from.  The ignition switch for the range top had gone out.  The next day I took off for the Maytag store\repair center that is here close to the house.  I got there and they were closed and the building is empty.  The next closest place is the Maytag store over in Plano off 75.  I called them to get a cross street so I could drop by and was told that the store was closed as well.  I ended up going home and ordering the switches from Maytag on line.  I was not going to drive all the way to downtown Dallas just to have them order the parts for me through their own on-line system.

I was happy to find that the part was not as expensive as  I was expecting.  It only cost around $38.00 after shipping.  I was expecting around $80 just because I had to have it.

I got the part in and replaced it so we again have a stove we can use.  Cheri and I are just glad that we were home when this happened.  Here are a few photos of the insides and what it took to replace the switches.