On Saturday we had some friends fly into town and stay with us for the night.  They then went to the motel that Ken’s company was paying for while he was at a conference.  Cheri decided for me that I was going to do some smoking for them.

So, I pulled out the brisket and trimmed it.  I had learned how to trim a brisket by watching Ray Shepard last week at the rocket launch up in Kansas. I trimmed off a bunch of the fat and then split the brisket into the two parts, the flat and the point. I covered them with a dry rub, again thanks to Ray Shepard for that, and let it set for 24 hours.

When Saturday morning rolled around I got up and started the fire and put the meat in the smoke box.  I loaded up the fire box with the pecan and apple and watched the smoke start to build. I set my remote temperature probes for setting off alarms when the smoke box went below 200 or above 230 degrees, or when the temperature of the meat hit 160.

After letting it smoke for 4 hours I pulled the meat and wrapped it in foil.  I ended up with about four layers of foil to make sure I did not lose any of the juice.  When I put them back in the smoker I also added a few jalapeno poppers to catch a bit of the last smoke.  At this point I stopped putting the wood in the fire box and started to use just use the lump charcoal.  I kept the brisket going for another four hours and then pulled it out of the cooker.  I let it rest for about 30 minutes and then went to work slicing it.

We had a great dinner that night and I think all of us had three helpings of the brisket.  We still have plenty of it left and I will enjoy it for a couple more days.  This was my first attempt at smoking a brisket.  I am happy to say that I am very pleased with how it came out.