My mom, dad, Cheri and I all went to AirFest 16 up in Argonia Kansas over Labor Day weekend with plans on all of us flying rockets.  We succeed in our plans and all of us got to fly something.  I flew my Talon 4, which Cheri had given me as a wedding present just about 3 years ago.  I flew it on a J410 and had a nice flight with it.

Cheri flew her 4″ Patriot, which I had bought her as a Anniversary  present a year ago.  It’s an all fiberglass rocket and she flew it on a J motor for a successful Level 2 certification.  My mom bought and built a Performance Rocketry G3 from Wildman and flew it for both her Level 1 and her Level 2 certification.  My dad finally built the rocket that we bought him MANY years ago and got his L1 on the second try.  The first time the rocket came back without MY motor case and his nose cone.  He bought HIMSELF a new motor case and nosecone and tried again on Sunday.  We never did find the rocket but it showed back up at the range head while we were trying to take down the EZ-Ups because of the wind.

If you want see a few more photos from the launch then please visit this page.