We had some extra time and decided to head over to a new restaurant here in Frisco.  It’s on Lebanon next to the Dallas North Tollway, and in the Starwood Shopping center.

We parked at the side of the building and we went to open the doors and they were locked.  We went around to the next set of doors and they were locked but at at least they had a sign that pointed us down to a third set of doors.  I thought it was weird that the door you enter does not have a sign for the restaurant or even an open sign.

Once one finally got in and sat down we can’t say that we were really impressed.  It took a while for our waiter to take our order and even longer for him to bring out water to us.  I really, REALLY wanted that water too once I tasted the salsa they serve with the chips.  It was so hot that I could not even eat it.   Now I love hot and spicy food and even I could not eat the salsa.  It was nothing but HOT with no flavor involved. I stopped eating it and waited for the water to try and stop the burning.

Once we got out food we again were not real impressed.  The sour cream sauce over the chicken enchiladas was clumpy and Cheri was thinking that the sour cream had soured while sitting under a heat lamp.  The Tupy Tacos Erick and I ordered had a fair taste but they were odd tacos, it’s a fried taco.  The meat was more like a paste and not a ground beef.  The rest of the food was not that great and it was even worse once we got home. Erick and I spent quite a bit of time in the bath room recovering from our dinner.

I have to say that we are not going to be spending any more of our money or time at that restaurant.