While out on my Photo drive I came across a home that had just an out standing pond, dock and trees.  I loved the looks of the red in the trees and really wanted to take a few photos out there.  The owner of the house was outside doing some yard work so I stopped and asked him if I could get some photos. He said to knock myself out…

His dog followed me out to the pond and watched what I was doing.  She was a sweet little dog and I went ahead and took a few photos of her as well.

I took a few shots while I walked around until I found the spot I wanted to shoot from.   They have a great little path leading from the house to the dock on the pond.  They have a great place to live and I envy them.  🙂

The pond shot turned out great but I was disappointed with how gray the skys were.  It was a day that a cold front was moving through the area and the day that I went out to shoot.  By the time I got to this house there were nothing but clouds in the area.   I wish I had taken the time to bracket some shots so I could have gotten more details in the clouds.  But I was just out shooting and not really expecting a wonderful pond like this.  What I did do was to take multiple shots of the pond and then stitched them together into one shot.  The full sized shot of this is over 8,000 by 4000 pixels so I could print it into a large poster.

I may do some editing and replace the sky in this photo.  I think it could make a great relaxing shot for a wall in a living room.  I think I will call this one “Retirement is calling.”