After AirFest this year my parents decided they needed a new trailer for attending the rocket launches. We were parked next to Ray and Keith and had to check out Keith’s Gear Box trailer.  My parents really liked the idea of a trailer that could also haul a golf cart, bikes, or any other cool toys.

They started their search a month or two ago and did not find anything they liked that was also in their price range.  They decided that since they were coming down for a visit that they would look in this area as well.  They were just window shopping and not planning on buying anything.

I called one of the RV shops up in Denton, a ExploreUSA RV Supercenter.  I talked to Tommy (he’s a good guy….) and he said that they did have some of the trailers that they were looking for.  He also said that they had gotten a used one the day before.  We headed over there and we all really liked the trailer.  Mom and Dad ended up buying the used trailer and I think they got a great deal on it.  It really looks like it’s been barely used.

It’s a 28′ bumper pull trailer that has a toy box ramp on the side of the trailer and two slide outs.  The bed in the back of the trailer slides out a full 5′ and really makes the living area more like a 33′ trailer.  The table and bench seats are in an area that slides out the side of the trailer about 1.5′.

There is also a full or double sized bed that drops down from the wall after you pull the toys (golf cart).  That is going to give Cheri and I a place to sleep without having to get a room.  If we really had to do it, the couch and the table and benches also makes out into a bed and we could sleep two to four more people.  They would have to be really close friends though.  (Read that as a husband and wife that get along real well.)

Another cool feature of the trailer is on the side is an extra compartment.  When you open it there is a two burner stove and a sink with water faucet.  They also have an extra hose and a shower nozzle which allows you to shower off all the mud and crap from the field before you climb into the trailer.

Here are a few photos of the trailer if you want to get an idea of what they got.