Well, yesterday was the day we decided to do the maintenance on our fish tank.  I had been doing water changes but not necessary getting the bottom cleaned and vacuumed up.  I had been avoiding it, because to do that I have to remove all the rocks. We lost a fish over the weekend and of course he was under some of the rocks so I had to remove the rocks to get him out.

So, I pulled all the rocks, the dead fish, and cleaned the tank.  We also figured out how to place the rocks so we can clean the glass without having to remove all the rock.  We moved all the rocks at least one inch from the glass so we can get the magnetic cleaner everywhere but the back glass.

I was happy to see how clean the glass was after we got done so I grabbed the camera and took a few photos.  This also gave us a chance to get a better count of the babies.  We have at least 10 babies and I think we are actually at 12.   Here are the photos that I decided were worth posting.