Now this was a pain.  I thought I was going to pull my hair out on this one…  You can start here on how to install SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Foundations on Windows 7 x64.   It’s a pain to get SharePoint installed so hopefully it’s going to be worth the effort. There are a few things you need to be aware of if you are planning on installing this on a development workstation.

One, you have to install SharePoint before you install BizTalk, just like you have to install Visual Studio before Biztalk is installed. If you don’t install it before BizTalk then you will not have any support for SharePoint, and it does not appear that you can go back and install that support.  So, I hope you did not start this process before you figured this out.

Two, When installing SharePoint Server 2010 if you don’t select Install into a server farm, vs Stand alone server, it is going to install a nice fresh copy of SQL Server Express on your machine.  When you go to install BizTalk it’s going to fail when it finds SQL Server Express on there.

Three, before you even start the install of SharePoint you need to create a domain service account for Sharepoint, then give it rights on your database server to access the databases on it.  The database will be created using your user ID but as soon as it’s created it tries to use the service account and if you don’t have the permissions on it all ready, it will fail the install.  Then the next time you go to install or correct it, it is going to just install the express versions again.  I am on install #4 right now trying to get this right.

Four, after you do finally get it installed you need to install the Sharepoint SDK so Visual Studio can start developing things for SharePoint.

Then….  Then you can start the install of BizTalk and hope that everything goes well.