Cheri and I went away for a long weekend and boy did we have a great time.

Cheri came up with the idea of heading out to West Texas to fly some rockets with WTR.  So we drove to Odessa on Friday and stayed the night with Jim and Teresa Ballard for a couple nights and flew some rockets over the weekend.



I ended up setting my new personal altitude record this weekend with my two stage rocket.  I pulled 14,264′ flying it on a J520 Sparkey to a J285.  I have not downloaded the other information from the flight computer just yet so I can’t say how fast it went but I have a feeling that it was really screaming.

You can see even more photos from the launch here

On the way back we decided to drive back the “long way”.  We stayed a night in Ballenger TX and then decided to visit a couple other places on our last day of our long weekend. We entered a little town called Dublin and I knew there was something that the town was known for.  Then I saw a Dr. Pepper sign and remember that Dublin was the town that had the oldest bottler of Dr. Pepper.  They are over 100 years old and still bottle the Dr. Pepper with real Pure Cane Sugar.  We took a tour of the bottling plant (two machines and one magic marker)

After that we stopped at the Veldhuizen Family Farm between Dublin and Stephenville where they make their own cheese.  They start by milking the cows and then going all the way to packaging.  We sampled some cheese and then ended up buying 4 types of cheese.  I look forward to opening up a bottle of wine and having some of the cheese.

Speaking of wine, the last stop before heading the rest of the way home was Bluff Dale Vineyards, a small winery. We sampled their wine and had some cheese and crackers.  It was a great finish to a long weekend!  Cheri and I loved having all this time with each other.  I can’t wait until we can get away again.