So today we made it home from our week and a half vacation to New York attending  LDRS 31, the Tripoli Annual International Rocket launch.  As we were exiting the last highway of the trip we were reminded of what we were coming home too…   The display panel in the  van told us that it was 5:00 and a nice 100 degrees outside.  I really wanted to go back to NY to that MUCH cooler weather.


Tim and Cheri, happy to be getting out of the car after a week and a half and 3500 miles.


So, we hopped out of the car and were going to stretch out a bit before we unloaded the van.  We never got to relax though…

I unlocked the house and went to turn the alarm off in the utility room when all of a sudden I was walking through water!  I turned off the alarm and turned on the light to find 1″ of water in the utility room and the hallway.  The washing machine was off but I could still hear water running from that area, I opened up the lid and even though the washer was off, it was still filling with water and overflowing.

I shut off the water and grabbed my Wet Dry Vacuum from the garage, and started to suck up as much water as I could.  It’s a 12 gallon vacuum and I emptied it four or five times, so I figured that I removed around 40 gallons of water.   I called my mom who was staying with Erick while we were gone and she had left only about an hour before we got there.  At least it had not been running a long time, but by the time we got there, the damage was already done.

At this time I took a few photos knowing that we wanted this to be documented.


























Knowing this was going to be a problem we got our insurance agent on the phone.  She had someone from their office call us and give us the phone number to start with.  We got PureoClean on the phone and they showed up around an hour later.  By the time they got there we had the office cleaned out of any paperwork or photography equipment that could have been damaged, the only thing left in there was our two desk.  Sadly, now the rest of the house looks like a bomb went off.

Sean and Wes proceeded to start sucking water out of the carpet and pulling the baseboards from the affected walls.  They drilled holes in the walls under the base board lines and then set up blowers to try and dry out the walls between the drywall.  They also set up two de-humidifiers to dry up the water in the rooms.



























As you can see, one of the spots where they pulled the baseboard was so wet that the drywall just fell apart and came out with the baseboard.  Most of the walls around this area are showing some water around them, but not as bad as that one.

By now it was around 11:00 p.m. and we were dead tired, Sean and Wes had started their day at 6:30 a.m. that morning and were beat as well.  So we called it a night.