So, day three and things are still going about the same.  They had to cut a hole in the wall of the closet that backs up to the stair case.  It was just not getting dry.   If you have ever wondered what was under your stairs where you could not get to them, I can tell you, it’s just trash.


Most of the walls and rooms are drying nicely.    The guys from PuroClean have been coming by and getting readings on the walls every day.   These guys have been great, we have not had to do ANY cleaning behind them.  Even where they have cut the drywall out there is no debris or dust or anything.  The other day my wife noticed a bit of dust on a table that is not in a room they are working in and Wes grabbed a towel and wiped it all down.

The water temperature in the  fish tank is holding at 79.5 right were I normally keep it.  I did lose one fish over night and had to get him out of the tank this morning. It must have been the stress of the temperature changes.  I did some tank maintenance this morning and added water to top off the tank.  I also added some more salts to the water.

They told us today that they will probably be removing all the equipment on Monday.   I can’t wait to get back into our own bed!

I am still very happy with PuroClean.  I just hope everyone else that we have to work with care about their work as much as they do.