Well, it’s Sunday and day four of our water woes.  We met Jim, the district manager of PuroClean, and Sean at 1:30 today.  Jim wanted to introduce himself and check out how the job was going.  We told him that Sean and Wes were doing a top notch job for us.  I did not take any photos today since really all that changed was where the equipment was moved to.  We still have two walls that are holding some water and were sadly told today that they were going to have to still have equipment in the house until probably Tuesday.

We called and had our motel room extended until Wednesday morning.  We figured that even with the equipment being pulled on Tuesday it will probably be late before they get it out, and then it’s going to take our AC a few hours to catch up.  The house is still really HOT!   The office had a temperature reading of 105, and the bed room felt even hotter than that.   The thermostat  in the hallway was showing 99 degrees.

The fish tank had a bit of a problem today though, it was back up to 82.6 degrees today.  I did not lose any fish but the stress from the swings in temperature is not good for them.  We moved the AC unit up onto a table we have to see if that helps any.

We talked to the damage appraiser from State Farm today.  Lori is going to meet us at the house at 1:00 on Thursday to go over everything and take her photos.   She was great today in helping us get the motel room extended.  We had some issues with the company that State Farm uses to book the motel rooms.  When we called to extend the room we gave them Lori’s phone number, which is her cell number.  When we called them back they said that they were not able to get hold of anyone at State Farm since it was a Sunday. They suggested we put our own credit card down on the room and then they would take care of it the next day.  When we called Lori she said that no one had called her yet, it appears that they did not even try and call, and then lied to us that State Farm could not be reached.

So far, that has been the only issue during this whole ordeal.