About three weeks ago we came home from vacation and before I got all the way through the house I was walking through water.  Our washing machine had decided to break and had been pouring water into the house for about an hour.  We got a cleaning crew there and ended up in a motel for another week while waiting on the water to dry out from the walls.   We are back in the house but now with no baseboard on many walls down stairs, and some dry wall had to be removed.

There is also no carpet padding in the office and two closets, and partial carpet padding removed from our bed room, our closet and part of the living room.

We are now waiting on finding the right contractor to do the repairs.   And yes, we do have insurance…  But there is a bit deductible that drops our savings down quite a bit.

Then last week I started to have problems with my car.  It’s a six year old KIA Optima and it does not hold it’s value. So instead of waiting for the transmission to drop out from underneath it we traded it in.  We were going to get a new car next year but this pushed us up to doing it now.   I am happy about the new car, but having a car payment again after not having one since 2004 really sucks.

So then last night….  yeah last night…   I got a call from my wife as I was driving home.  She had gone out to the big freezer in our garage to find out that it had quit working.   THREE DAYS AGO! It was still running and we could hear it, but it was not keeping anything cold at all.  The garage was reeking when I got home. Our garbage had been collected that morning so we were looking at a week of having that in our garbage.  So we stopped by our local grocery store and asked the manager if there was a chance we could put it in their dumpster.  We shop there all the time so he told us to bring it on up.  We went back home and double bagged everything and took it to the dumpster. I am glad we discovered it before it had gotten worse.  When I unplugged it the cord was really hot.   I don’t think it would have gone much longer without shorting out.  (It least I had it on a circuit with GFI on it.)

I tried to keep track of how much we lost but I stopped at about $700.00.  It is a 40cf commercial freezer and we had stocked up on a few things that I was planning on running through our smoker.

If this streak does not stop soon I am going to lose it.