So I was needing to developing a module for a DotNetNuke 7.00.05 site.  The hardest part was not getting DotNetNuke up and running.  It was setting the permissions on the web folder directory on a machine running Windows 8.

I opened up Windows Explorer and right clicked on the folder and went to properties and then security. I added the user and when I tried to apply it all I got was Access Denied errors. I am in the administrators group on my machine but it did not matter.  I could not set the permissions.

So, after much research and trial and error, I discovered a wonderful little command line app that resolved the issue. It’s new for Windows 8 and it’s called icacls.exe.

To change the permissions I went to my Windows 8 Start menu and right clicked on the “Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio 2012” and then clicked on “Run as Administrator.” I did not try it with the standard command prompt but I have a feeling that I would work as well.  After you open it up type the following command.




This will grant the user listed full rights to the directory listed and all of the files and directories below it.

I hope this helps someone out, it was a pain to find it.