Went to a meeting of DFW Marine Aquarium Society (http://www.dfwmas.org) on Wednesday and while I was there I found a member who has done some fragging on his Kenya Tree and brought some to give out.  I grabbed a bag with a fair sized frag only to notice during the meeting that the bag was leaking.  So I went back to where they were set and and since there were plenty left I found a bag that was not leaking with the smallest frag I could find.  I combined the bags and brought them home.

Here is the big one in my tank, and I am happy to say that the polyps are out and now in full display.

Kenya Tree

I also happen to be setting with a family during the meeting and he had done some fragging himself. (it was hnurge on the forum) He had a list of people that had requested the frags but at least one person did not show up for the pickup.  Not wanting to let it go to waste I said I would take it.   I got it home and did a type of a drip cycle and got it into the tank.  After asking hnurge a couple question on light and flow placement I move the frags and all the polyps started to come out.

Here is my first ever Green Star Polyps AKA GSP with the polyps open.

Big_GSPThe first thing that I discovered by taking these photos is I REALLY need to clean the glass, and I need to buy some super glue gel.  It looks like my hermit crabs really enjoy crawling over the rocks and knocking the frags around. With the super glue gel I will be able to glue them to a rock and they will stay there and it does not harm the tank, I am not so sure if I can do the same thing with regular super glue.

The photos are also a bit grainy as I have the lights on low for acclimation purposes.  However, I may not need the lights that low as the coral seems to be doing fine with the lights the way they are. I am going to start turning up the lights today to see if they stay out and nothing bleaches.

I also got a good photo of one of the Pajama Cardinal fish and figured that since I had the photo I’d post it here.