This site is for us, Tim and Cheri Sapp located in Frisco Texas, to be able to let our family and friends know what we are up to.  I have been in Texas for about 12 years now and love it.  My family is in the Oklahoma City area and I am often asked why we live in Texas and not Oklahoma.  Well, with DFW being around a 3 hour trip, it’s close enough we can visit on the weekends, but no one can just drop by without calling first.  🙂

We moved here after I got out of the Air Force and the job market was really HOT for techs.  I am a programmer and I work in Addison for a printing company.  I have spending my time working with BizTalk 2011, Sharepoint 2010, and C#.  From time to time I will be putting up a few post about my work as well.  This makes for a great place that I can put my notes and still get to them when I need them.