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So Cheri and I went up to Tulsa last weekend (May 5th and 6th) to get away just a bit.  We had a great time, but what really led us there was the Bixby BBQ & Blues Festival.  A couple of the rocket guys, Ray and Keith, are in a Competitive BBQ team called Boys […]

At the request of Kyle I am posting my Chicken and Noodles recipes.  It’s a simple dish that does not take much but there is an order of things.  If you don’t do it in the right order then you end up with a blob of noodles and it does not have the same flavor. […]

On Saturday we had some friends fly into town and stay with us for the night.  They then went to the motel that Ken’s company was paying for while he was at a conference.  Cheri decided for me that I was going to do some smoking for them. So, I pulled out the brisket and […]

Well about a week and a half ago Cheri and I was making dinner and a strange thing happened.  We finished cooking indoors and went out to bring in the steaks off the grill. When we came back in the stove top was clicking like it was trying to light one of the burners.  We […]

Well, the shower is over and we survived.  We ended up getting more RSVPs and had a count of 47 people that they were going to be there to celebrate the future wedding, and we had to feed all of them.  We were starting to worry about how it was going to work out.  However, […]

So it was the weekend before the wedding shower and we were getting a TON of RSVPs.  At this point we had over 30 people showing up for the shower and dinner.  I still wanted to do a test run of the smoker and we had a couple smaller pork butts in the freezer.  I […]

Well, after my first smoking session I started to so a bit more reading.  I discovered and started doing some reading.  The first thing I learned was to avoid the good ole Kingsford.  Turns out that its not as good as I thought. We had another smoking session planned for the next weekend and […]

Lance is Cheri’s cousin and right before Cheri and I got married he moved to Texas.  He ended up buying a house here in Frisco and iws about two miles down the road from us.  Lance is such an awesome cousin and I think that Cheri and I would do anything for him.  Lance met […]