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About three weeks ago we came home from vacation and before I got all the way through the house I was walking through water.  Our washing machine had decided to break and had been pouring water into the house for about an hour.  We got a cleaning crew there and ended up in a motel […]

  Well, it’s Sunday and day four of our water woes.  We met Jim, the district manager of PuroClean, and Sean at 1:30 today.  Jim wanted to introduce himself and check out how the job was going.  We told him that Sean and Wes were doing a top notch job for us.  I did not […]

  So, day three and things are still going about the same.  They had to cut a hole in the wall of the closet that backs up to the stair case.  It was just not getting dry.   If you have ever wondered what was under your stairs where you could not get to them, I […]

Today Sean and Wes came back to keep working on what they started.  I have to say that so far, the guys from PuroClean have been top notch!  They brought out the thermo scans and started checking out the walls and carpet.  They had to pull the carpet padding from the entire office, and two […]

  So today we made it home from our week and a half vacation to New York attending  LDRS 31, the Tripoli Annual International Rocket launch.  As we were exiting the last highway of the trip we were reminded of what we were coming home too…   The display panel in the  van told us that […]

So Lance and Julie asked if we could shoot some maternity photos for them.  We jumped at the chance to be able to do this…   You can see the photos here in a gallery page just simply titled Lance and Julie.

  Cheri and I went away for a long weekend and boy did we have a great time. Cheri came up with the idea of heading out to West Texas to fly some rockets with WTR.  So we drove to Odessa on Friday and stayed the night with Jim and Teresa Ballard for a couple […]

  Over the weekend we were invited over to Craig and Amy’s house for a Crayfish Boil.  What a great time…    They had around 30 pounds of Crayfish in a gigantic pot along with corn, potato, onions, and spices.  Here is a photo Cheri got of me with her camera phone. I ate until I […]

After AirFest this year my parents decided they needed a new trailer for attending the rocket launches. We were parked next to Ray and Keith and had to check out Keith’s Gear Box trailer.  My parents really liked the idea of a trailer that could also haul a golf cart, bikes, or any other cool […]

On Saturday we attended Merry Main Street as the Santa photographer.  We took and printed over 270 photos during a 5 hour period.  This was the third photo shoot in 24 hours for us.  We are dead beat tired but we had a great time!