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So Thanksgiving is over and we have packed away all the leftovers, or left them at Aunt Connie’s house so we did not have to bring them home.  Since Jeff, Michell, and Kyle were in town Cheri wanted to do something for her mother’s birthday.  Carol has never had a surprise birthday party until now.  […]

Here are a few photos of Thanksgiving with the Borden, Sapp and Scholes family.  We had a great dinner with everything that we normally have for our Thanksgiving. It included the standard turkey, ham, dressing, salads, and everything else.  It was a great day. After dinner we went upstairs to the game room for our […]

OK, so while we were in Ohio visiting my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Jeff and Michelle, about a year ago I got to try a new Oreo cookie.  It’s the Strawberry Milkshake Oreo and after we found it up there we could not find it ever again.  Apparently it’s only out during certain times of the […]

Well, last week we attended a surprise birthday party for Aunt Connie.  We had a great time and Aunt Connie had not idea anything was going on.  With her birthday being withing two weeks of her sons wedding, she had told them not to do anything for her birthday.  That they would go out to […]

AirFest 16

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My mom, dad, Cheri and I all went to AirFest 16 up in Argonia Kansas over Labor Day weekend with plans on all of us flying rockets.  We succeed in our plans and all of us got to fly something.  I flew my Talon 4, which Cheri had given me as a wedding present just […]

I came home on Wednesday to be greeted by the following… A great big puddle of water right at the foot of the stairs.  I went around the car to see where it came from and found a BIG puddle of water.  It was about an inch deep at the back of the garage and […]

Wow, when you drop a phone and it hits the tile floor in the kitchen, the phone will lose. At least it did for me. One thing that was amazing was even though it looked like this it would still boot up and we could still somewhat use the phone.   I tried to get a […]