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So Lance and Julie asked if we could shoot some maternity photos for them.  We jumped at the chance to be able to do this…   You can see the photos here in a gallery page just simply titled Lance and Julie.

  I realized that I never posted any of my photos from LDRS.  So here are a couple galleries to check out.              Tim

So, I have been spending more and more time at home and starting to go a bit stir crazy.  So I decided to hop in the car with the camera and just drive and if I see something I like I stop and shoot some photos of it.  The first thing I came across was […]

While out on my Photo drive I came across a home that had just an out standing pond, dock and trees.  I loved the looks of the red in the trees and really wanted to take a few photos out there.  The owner of the house was outside doing some yard work so I stopped […]