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   OK, I am deleting Free Mind and will not be using it again.  It’s history! After spending quite a bit of time creating a mind map, staring with a list of passwords that I don’t want to forget it’s all gone.  I encrypted the password node and went to save it to find that […]

Ole Blue Eyes

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I was playing around with the WordPress android app last night and tool some photos of the crab in our Saltwater tank.  Here is one of the photos I got of ole blue eyes.

My new Corals

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Went to a meeting of DFW Marine Aquarium Society ( on Wednesday and while I was there I found a member who has done some fragging on his Kenya Tree and brought some to give out.  I grabbed a bag with a fair sized frag only to notice during the meeting that the bag was […]

    So I am working on building a sump for a saltwater (marine) aquarium.  I am looking at the plumbing required to so I tossed together a SketchUp with the design I have in mind.  If you see anything wrong with the design then shoot me an email.

We attended the HotRocs launch over the weekend and due to the wind I ended up shooting more photos than rockets.  I put up a gallery with the photos but I did not put them up here.  I put them up on the TNT web site so we could drive a bit more traffic to […]

  So it’s Monday and day five of our water issues and it’s starting to take it’s toll on all of us. We had already been in a motel for a week and a half before we got home to all of this.  It’s now been 5 more days and I can’t say that the […]

  So on our last trip to a rocket launch we made a couple extra stops on the way home.  We were not really planning it but we were driving through Dublin and I noticed the big Dr. Pepper on the side of a building and recalled what the City of Dublin was known for.  […]

  Cheri and I went away for a long weekend and boy did we have a great time. Cheri came up with the idea of heading out to West Texas to fly some rockets with WTR.  So we drove to Odessa on Friday and stayed the night with Jim and Teresa Ballard for a couple […]

  Over the weekend we were invited over to Craig and Amy’s house for a Crayfish Boil.  What a great time…    They had around 30 pounds of Crayfish in a gigantic pot along with corn, potato, onions, and spices.  Here is a photo Cheri got of me with her camera phone. I ate until I […]

Here was my weekend project.  We got a new TV for Christmas and it is a 47″ LCD flat screen.  We originally just put it on the stand that came with it but we had this planned for it all along.   Our fireplace was just built for having a TV mounted over it. The hardest […]