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  So I was working on another problem today with trying to get FormsAuthentication working on IIS7.  I kept getting two different errors with one giving me an error, and the other just causing the system to always loop back to the login page. It drove me up the wall for about 4 hours today […]

  So I was working on a web site that uses the ASP.Net membership provider but was connecting it to an existing database.  I tried for about an hour to get this web site up and going and kept getting an error when trying to create a new user in the membership database using this […]

  So if you are like me you started following the Module Development Process from the tutorial videos at web site.  Now you have upgraded your visual studio install and Microsoft has been updating things as well.  Things like the MSBuildTasks project that the DNN module development process that the DNN guys have in their […]

  I started having some problems with my Big Red Bee Beeline GPS at the last launch we went to.  I could not get a signal from it.   So I put together this little app so I could pull the feed from the serial port while the BRB was doing it’s thing.  If you have […]

  So at work we have hired a company to develop a flex application for us.  I was told about a week and a half ago that I would need to add a crossdomain.xml file to the root of our web site giving the app permission to access our services.  I created one that looks […]

Do you have that one piece of  code that you use every once in a while that you just can’t seem to remember when you need it.  Well, this is one for me.  Most geeks who use SQL Server know what Distinct(*) is used for.  If you have a table that has 20 rows in […]

  I created a quick and simple Web Service using the Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to test how it was going to work with SharePoint 2010.  It was working well until I decided I wanted to add a bit more security to it and remove the anonymous access to the web site through IIS. […]