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So at work we have hired a company to develop a flex application for us.  I was told about a week and a half ago that I would need to add a crossdomain.xml file to the root of our web site giving the app permission to access our services.  I created one that looks like this and dropped it in the root of all three sites the app will need access to.

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<allow-access-from domain=”*”/>

It worked great on the first two sites which are either .Net web portals or a Cold Fusion site running under Tomcat.  (Don’t blame me, I can’t stand the app that we are running right now.  But I can’t change it right at the moment.)  But the third site is where I have a web service running.  It’s a .Net WCF service and flex has to access it through HTML so they are hitting http://OurDomain.Com:8080/foo.svc.

The developers at their company were scratching their head trying to figure out why they could not access a .svc file when everything else was working.  I was stumped as well because according to the logs the flex app was pulling the  crossdomain.xml file and hitting foo.svc.

They kept getting an error which stated,

*** Security Sandbox Violation ***

Connection to halted – not permitted from

Well, it looks like most flex developers are used to hitting the older versions of .Net and web services that end with .ascx. When I was asked what a .svc file was it got me thinking that maybe there was something having to do with a .Net svc. I started hitting Google and looking for a solution. As I said earlier, apparently most flex developers are not used to hitting a .Net WCF Service, because we could find many post asking why they could not hit the service, but not many telling them how to fix it.

After more searching I finally found the solution on a Microsoft website. The flex app calls the web service with the following function, and apparently once it gets the WSDL information it does make an actual soap call to the server and it’s not a standard HTML Get.

_ws = new WebService();
_ws.wsdl = “”;
var token:AsyncToken = _ws.getOperation(“METHOD”).send( param1 );

So, you have to give domain rights to allow the flex app to call a SOAPAction in the header of the request.  This is what I added to the crossdomain.xml to get it to finally work.

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<allow-access-from domain=”*”/>
<allow-http-request-headers-from domain=”*” headers=”SOAPAction,Content-Type”/>



So here is my new computer.  I am going to spend tonight an tomorrow putting the computer together.  Here is a list of what we picked up today.

Corsair Carbide Series 500R case
Corsair 750 Watt power supply
Gigabyte X79-UP4 Motherboard
Intel i7 3930K Processor (6 Core, 12 Thread)
Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU Cooler
SanDisk 256 Solid State Hard Drive (For OS)
Seagate 2Tb Hard Drive (For Data)
Corsair 32 Gb DDR3 Ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti video card (Gb GDDR5 Memory)
Pioneer Dual Layer Blue Ray Burner





Challenger on the rack

So today, I took my car into the shop.  But there was nothing wrong with it, wait yes there was.  It did not sound like a muscle car!  I hated the fact that Dodge put on two mufflers in the middle of the exhaust pipes and then resonators right before the tips.  It totally killed the sound of the car.  I might as well had a 4 cylinder in the car as far as the exhaust was concerned.

So today I took it by the shop and I had the resonators cut out.

What a difference it made!  I have fell in love with this car all over again.  It was such a joy to drive today.

So I have finally gotten some of my Airfest 18 photos edited and ready to post.  So here they are, I hope you enjoy them.  Below you will find proof that Wildman Tim Leir does not always win at drag races.  Here you can clearly see that Ray Shepard has beat Tim off the pad with no questions asked.


There were several rockets that I got photos of that I think deserve their own pages.  I also have one the page that just includes random photos of rockets where I don’t know who the owners are, if you know who they are then please add a comment with a name.

Don Huff – Forward  Closure lets lose.

Vern’s Saturn 1B

Keith Trost and his Level 3

Sapp family rockets

Piedmont Rocketry SolarFlare

Random Rocket Photos

About three weeks ago we came home from vacation and before I got all the way through the house I was walking through water.  Our washing machine had decided to break and had been pouring water into the house for about an hour.  We got a cleaning crew there and ended up in a motel for another week while waiting on the water to dry out from the walls.   We are back in the house but now with no baseboard on many walls down stairs, and some dry wall had to be removed.

There is also no carpet padding in the office and two closets, and partial carpet padding removed from our bed room, our closet and part of the living room.

We are now waiting on finding the right contractor to do the repairs.   And yes, we do have insurance…  But there is a bit deductible that drops our savings down quite a bit.

Then last week I started to have problems with my car.  It’s a six year old KIA Optima and it does not hold it’s value. So instead of waiting for the transmission to drop out from underneath it we traded it in.  We were going to get a new car next year but this pushed us up to doing it now.   I am happy about the new car, but having a car payment again after not having one since 2004 really sucks.

So then last night….  yeah last night…   I got a call from my wife as I was driving home.  She had gone out to the big freezer in our garage to find out that it had quit working.   THREE DAYS AGO! It was still running and we could hear it, but it was not keeping anything cold at all.  The garage was reeking when I got home. Our garbage had been collected that morning so we were looking at a week of having that in our garbage.  So we stopped by our local grocery store and asked the manager if there was a chance we could put it in their dumpster.  We shop there all the time so he told us to bring it on up.  We went back home and double bagged everything and took it to the dumpster. I am glad we discovered it before it had gotten worse.  When I unplugged it the cord was really hot.   I don’t think it would have gone much longer without shorting out.  (It least I had it on a circuit with GFI on it.)

I tried to keep track of how much we lost but I stopped at about $700.00.  It is a 40cf commercial freezer and we had stocked up on a few things that I was planning on running through our smoker.

If this streak does not stop soon I am going to lose it.


So it’s Monday and day five of our water issues and it’s starting to take it’s toll on all of us.

We had already been in a motel for a week and a half before we got home to all of this.  It’s now been 5 more days and I can’t say that the bed in our suite is a very good one.  Cheri’s back has been hurting and when I got up this morning to head to work this is what I found.

During the night Cheri could not take the bed anymore and made herself a place on the floor to sleep.  She was moving really slow this morning and I could tell she was in some pain.  We may have to take her to the Doctors to see about getting something to help her back today.  Only two more nights in the motel room before we can get back to our own bed.


Well, it’s Sunday and day four of our water woes.  We met Jim, the district manager of PuroClean, and Sean at 1:30 today.  Jim wanted to introduce himself and check out how the job was going.  We told him that Sean and Wes were doing a top notch job for us.  I did not take any photos today since really all that changed was where the equipment was moved to.  We still have two walls that are holding some water and were sadly told today that they were going to have to still have equipment in the house until probably Tuesday.

We called and had our motel room extended until Wednesday morning.  We figured that even with the equipment being pulled on Tuesday it will probably be late before they get it out, and then it’s going to take our AC a few hours to catch up.  The house is still really HOT!   The office had a temperature reading of 105, and the bed room felt even hotter than that.   The thermostat  in the hallway was showing 99 degrees.

The fish tank had a bit of a problem today though, it was back up to 82.6 degrees today.  I did not lose any fish but the stress from the swings in temperature is not good for them.  We moved the AC unit up onto a table we have to see if that helps any.

We talked to the damage appraiser from State Farm today.  Lori is going to meet us at the house at 1:00 on Thursday to go over everything and take her photos.   She was great today in helping us get the motel room extended.  We had some issues with the company that State Farm uses to book the motel rooms.  When we called to extend the room we gave them Lori’s phone number, which is her cell number.  When we called them back they said that they were not able to get hold of anyone at State Farm since it was a Sunday. They suggested we put our own credit card down on the room and then they would take care of it the next day.  When we called Lori she said that no one had called her yet, it appears that they did not even try and call, and then lied to us that State Farm could not be reached.

So far, that has been the only issue during this whole ordeal.


So, day three and things are still going about the same.  They had to cut a hole in the wall of the closet that backs up to the stair case.  It was just not getting dry.   If you have ever wondered what was under your stairs where you could not get to them, I can tell you, it’s just trash.


Most of the walls and rooms are drying nicely.    The guys from PuroClean have been coming by and getting readings on the walls every day.   These guys have been great, we have not had to do ANY cleaning behind them.  Even where they have cut the drywall out there is no debris or dust or anything.  The other day my wife noticed a bit of dust on a table that is not in a room they are working in and Wes grabbed a towel and wiped it all down.

The water temperature in the  fish tank is holding at 79.5 right were I normally keep it.  I did lose one fish over night and had to get him out of the tank this morning. It must have been the stress of the temperature changes.  I did some tank maintenance this morning and added water to top off the tank.  I also added some more salts to the water.

They told us today that they will probably be removing all the equipment on Monday.   I can’t wait to get back into our own bed!

I am still very happy with PuroClean.  I just hope everyone else that we have to work with care about their work as much as they do.

Today Sean and Wes came back to keep working on what they started.  I have to say that so far, the guys from PuroClean have been top notch!  They brought out the thermo scans and started checking out the walls and carpet.  They had to pull the carpet padding from the entire office, and two closets.  Additionally, part of the padding from our bed room, our closet, and the living room as well.

They also found more water that was trapped on the office wall and part of the wall that is next to our front door.  Since they are outside walls the insulation was not allowing the water to move where it could be dried.  They had to remove part of the dry wall along the outside walls.

Before they left the brought in two more de-humidifiers  and more fans, including a fan that has several hoses on it that they could run under the stairs since there is no access to the area under them.  This not only brought up the noise level in the house but the temperature as well.










Sean and Wes set everything up and left around 3:00.  By around 5:00 p.m. I knew we were going to start having some problems.  The temperature in part of the house had gotten up to 93 degrees.  And even worse, the water in my fish tank  had started to go up.  I normally keep my tank at around 79 degrees and it was already at 82.0 by 6:00 and still rising.  I call State Farm back to ask them what I should do, I knew that I did not want to go spend money on a chiller that I would only use for the next 4 days.  I had also called another friend who has fish to see if he could house them for me but his tank was fully populated.   Just a little while later, Wes from PuroClean called back and said they were returning to take care of the fish tank.

State Farm had also called back and booked us two rooms at a motel since it was so hot in the house.  Since my son is still living at home, they booked us two rooms over in Plano not too far from the house.

At about 8:30 p.m. Sean and Wes were back and they had gone to Home Depot and bought an Air Conditioner to set in front of the Fish Tank.  When they had arrived the tank had gotten to 82.8 and within about 30 to 40 minutes it had already dropped to 82.6 so I know my fish are going to be OK. I was really not looking forward to losing any of them.


During all of this time Cheri had been having a problem due to all of the dust and contamination in the air.  We already have some allergy issues and this was not helping.  Sean had heard her coughing quite a bit and was worried that it could get worse.  So when they came back with the AC unit for the tank, they also brought a larger air scrubber and set it up.  It’s a 1,000 CFM HEPA filter that he said would get most of the contamination out of the air. We left about an hour after Sean and Wes set this up and we could already tell a difference in the air quality in the house.


I am  still really happy with the work that PuroClean has done!




So today we made it home from our week and a half vacation to New York attending  LDRS 31, the Tripoli Annual International Rocket launch.  As we were exiting the last highway of the trip we were reminded of what we were coming home too…   The display panel in the  van told us that it was 5:00 and a nice 100 degrees outside.  I really wanted to go back to NY to that MUCH cooler weather.


Tim and Cheri, happy to be getting out of the car after a week and a half and 3500 miles.


So, we hopped out of the car and were going to stretch out a bit before we unloaded the van.  We never got to relax though…

I unlocked the house and went to turn the alarm off in the utility room when all of a sudden I was walking through water!  I turned off the alarm and turned on the light to find 1″ of water in the utility room and the hallway.  The washing machine was off but I could still hear water running from that area, I opened up the lid and even though the washer was off, it was still filling with water and overflowing.

I shut off the water and grabbed my Wet Dry Vacuum from the garage, and started to suck up as much water as I could.  It’s a 12 gallon vacuum and I emptied it four or five times, so I figured that I removed around 40 gallons of water.   I called my mom who was staying with Erick while we were gone and she had left only about an hour before we got there.  At least it had not been running a long time, but by the time we got there, the damage was already done.

At this time I took a few photos knowing that we wanted this to be documented.


























Knowing this was going to be a problem we got our insurance agent on the phone.  She had someone from their office call us and give us the phone number to start with.  We got PureoClean on the phone and they showed up around an hour later.  By the time they got there we had the office cleaned out of any paperwork or photography equipment that could have been damaged, the only thing left in there was our two desk.  Sadly, now the rest of the house looks like a bomb went off.

Sean and Wes proceeded to start sucking water out of the carpet and pulling the baseboards from the affected walls.  They drilled holes in the walls under the base board lines and then set up blowers to try and dry out the walls between the drywall.  They also set up two de-humidifiers to dry up the water in the rooms.



























As you can see, one of the spots where they pulled the baseboard was so wet that the drywall just fell apart and came out with the baseboard.  Most of the walls around this area are showing some water around them, but not as bad as that one.

By now it was around 11:00 p.m. and we were dead tired, Sean and Wes had started their day at 6:30 a.m. that morning and were beat as well.  So we called it a night.