Over the weekend we had the opportunity to head up to the Tulsa Oklahoma area and attend the BBQ & Blues Festival.  A couple of the rocket guys, Ray S. and Keith T., are part of a BBQ team called Boys Can Smoke and they were competing.  They won the Peoples Choice award which is where all of the visitors to the Festival got to vote for the team they liked the best.   The “Boys” and families cooked a TON of BBQ and was giving it away for a couple of hours.

We tried about 12 to 15 other teams BBQ and I can truly say that they deserved to win.   We had a great time and I can’t wait until we get to go to another one.   Below you will find a bunch of photos that I took while we were there but I have limited them to just Photos from the Boys Can Smoke team.  I’ll post more later in another post.

 (click on the thumbnail to get a larger version of the photo)