I got a few more photos on Sunday at the Tripoli-Houston launch.  I also missed uploading a level 1 certification from Saturday and got a request from Jim for a few more close up photos.  So I am putting them all on this page.


Sorry I did get not any more shots on Sunday…  I ended up getting sick while at the launch.  I don’t know if it was something I ate at for breakfast at the hotel in the big city of Speed Trap Franklin of if it was the heat.  I just know that the two or three times I did throw up it was mostly just water.  Cheri was going to launch another rocket but once she saw me throwing up she started to pack up the car to leave.

**  I would like to say thanks to Brad and Andy for helping her get the last few big items taken down and packed into the car.  **

But enough of that…. Here are the photos.


I hope y’all enjoy the photos!   It might be LDRS before I get to see some of y’all again so until then, fly em high, and fly em safe.